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Fancy Cut Diamonds: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

It seems that everywhere one turns there are new colors your supposed to wear this summer, the hottest shoes seen in store everywhere, right down to the newest engagement ring design Angelina Jolie is sporting. When it comes down to it though, these products only carry value if someone finds them appealing. The same bright orange shirt that looks amazing on one person may make another look like a pumpkin. The same game applies to Fancy cut diamonds, or “fancies”. A fancy cut diamond is any shape other than a round brilliant and includes popular cuts like princess, marquise, emerald, [...]

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Chocolate, Champagne, Cognac – Better to eat & drink, or to wear?

Now that the holiday shopping season is in full swing, I thought I should shed some light onto a few things I have noticed. Granted I started seeing holiday shopping guides, commercials, and advertisements the day after Halloween, but now that we are mid-December, it seems the jewelry industry especially is pouring on the deals and bargains for “luxury” and high end items. The most common commercial I have seen is one involving chocolate diamonds, and how to “upgrade her craving for chocolate” by purchasing an exclusive and rare chocolate diamond ring, necklace, or bracelet. I find these commercials, like [...]

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Tiffany Diamond, some clarity is needed… What are they compared to other diamonds?

Recently I have been approached with Tiffany Diamond engagement rings. Their owners seem to be having difficulty getting offers that are remotely close to their asking price. The commonality between all of these clients is that they kept stating that their diamond was a “Tiffany Diamond”, and therefore is worth more than a diamond of equal quality without the Tiffany name tag. Since there seems to be a misconception about the diamonds that are mounted in these rings, I would just like to take to clarify the initial impressions about a Tiffany Diamond. Also to be clear, I contacted Tiffany [...]

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