Diamond Certifications

iStock_000022797129SmallWhile appraisals are used for insurance purposes, diamond certifications can be used to assist in the sale of your piece. A certification can only by done by a laboratory whose sole purpose is to grade diamonds. This certification is a testament that the diamond has undergone a complete professional and unbiased examination. It is a report that is done by a gemologist who has evaluated, measured, and graded the diamond. A completed certification would include the diamond’s weight, color and clarity grade, as well as the other characteristics of the stone.

If you have a diamond that may benefit from a certification, MJ Gabel will not only help advise you of this, but will also facilitate it for you.

There are many companies that certify diamonds, but the most recognized, consistent, and unbiased laboratory is that of Gemological Institute of America, or GIA. MJ Gabel is proud to only using GIA to certified any diamond that our clients wish to have certified. Do not hesitate to ask your diamond professional if they think a certification may benefit your diamond.