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If the time comes when you need to sell your diamond engagement ring, MJ Gabel is ready to offer you more than one option and the most competitive price available in the marketplace. With a team specializing in selling diamond engagement rings, loose diamonds, and fine diamond jewelry pieces, we are ready when you are.

Raise your Expectations

Work with a company to sell your diamond engagement ring that always has your best interest in mind. MJ Gabel has worked for over a decade to establish it’s credible and reliable reputation. We have gathered a diverse, educated, and experienced team of diamond specialists to ensure our clients always receive the type of care they deserve in addition to the best price. We are proud to have set the standard that other companies continue to try and emulate.

How to sell a diamond engagement ring with MJ Gabel:

1) Provide us with as much information as possible about what you have, and an image whenever possible. One of our advisors will be in contact with you to discuss what you have, pricing, and the options we can provide you.

2) We are happy to cover shipping to our facility and will provide you with a fully insured FedEx label, packaging instructions, and a standard agreement.

3) Once your ring arrives to us, we schedule it for lab time in our offices and prepare a full evaluation of the piece. Since our lab staff are all GIA Graduates, your ring is never dismantled, and never leaves our facility once it has arrived.

Other companies prefer to send all pieces out to GIA for certification. We believe that there is no need for diamonds to be unnecessarily removed from their settings, and send to a separate company for examination. Not only does this result in an additional cost to you, but it will also require your engagement ring to be dismantled.

4) Once the evaluation is complete, your dedicated diamond advisor will be back on the phone to go over it in detail with you and create a plan to move forward.

Whether that plan is accepting a cash offer from MJ Gabel, moving forward with our auction environment, or our exclusive consignment option, we are able to execute it within 48hrs of receiving your diamond ring.

Remember that with MJ Gabel, there is absolutely never a commitment to sell, no hidden fees, and you will always work with the same diamond specialist from start to finish.

I initially contacted a diamond dealer in the diamond district of New York City for sale of loose diamond and this diamond dealer failed to honor his word on the purchase of diamond. I then contacted MJ Gabel and they offered to sell diamond for higher price than other diamond dealers offered. MJ Gabel actually sold the diamond at higher price than they anticipated. This firm acted with professionalism and worked toward the interests of their client. I would recommend MJ Gabel to anyone looking to buy or sell diamonds or jewelry.

Stephen C.

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