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Diamond Upgrade

For as long as diamonds have been used in jewelry, they have been cleverly linked as the symbol of never-ending love. They are the quintessential representation of luxury, strength, desire, and beauty. Emotions have naturally become intertwined into the purchase of a diamond. Sometimes a diamond that was purchased years ago needs a diamond upgrade. Perhaps the one you love would like to show you that after all these years, you’re still the one; or wants to define a particular memorable moment with a diamond that will always take you back to that time. Whatever the case may be, MJ [...]

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The Broken Diamond Certification System

Today alone I have viewed and personally graded 6 diamonds. All 6 were certified, and by well known labs – GIA, EGL-USA, EGL-International, and IGI. When I came across the third diamond that had a questionable grade on the certification, I decided it was time to write a blog. The subject of diamond grading is one that has been chewed over by the diamond industry since people started to value diamonds. There needed to be a consistent and universal way to communicate the difference in color, clarity, and therefore value of diamonds. The GIA Grading Scale, which standardized diamond grading, [...]

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Where should I sell my diamond jewelry?

As the price of gold rose in recent years, so did the companies advertising that they purchased gold, silver, diamonds and other precious metals. The trouble is that while any company can purchase these items, very few are actually qualified to evaluate theses pieces accurately and assign a fair value to them. It’s especially true if you’re looking to sell diamond jewelry. Figuring out which diamond buyers are actually qualified can be a tricky task if you do not know what to look for. Below we are providing some simple, prudent guidelines and tips to follow if you find yourself [...]

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Jewelers Trust.. Should you trust your jeweler?

Jewelers tend to be one of the most looked to, and trusted professionals by individuals. This trust comes often comes from the public’s view of what it takes to be this type of professional; years of experience, training, education, and knowledge about a specific industry. Other professionals that often obtain this level of trust would include lawyers, doctors and accountants. The question at hand Should you always be so trusting when someone is trying to sell you something? Can you trust your jeweler? I cannot help but think of the way most people feel about car dealers. So what makes [...]

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Diamond Buyer Reviews

Let’s talk Reviews for a Minute Diamond Buyer Reviews are not always what they’re cracked up to be. Of course there are many legitimate reviews for everything on the web, but there are also those that work hard to appear true to their word. From car dealers to drug stores, reviews and review sites are plentiful. For people selling diamond jewelry or loose diamonds and are looking for the best option, here are three things to be wary of: Sites that offer a limited number of reviews Sites that are specifically reviewing diamond buyers Sites that use a rating system but have [...]

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Misrepresentation in the Marketplace

A friend of mine recently asked me to go shopping for an engagement ring with him. His jeweler of choice was one of the large national chain jewelers, mostly located in area malls. When we walked in, we were immediately greeted by a woman whose only goal seemed to be for us to open a line of credit with them – ironically my friend already had one. Then I began to notice a bit of misrepresentation. She asked him to point out any rings he was interested in. He chose a ring with a .33ct diamond in the center and [...]

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Louis Vuitton vs Target

Successful brand names can help create an allure and the idea of high quality. A woman may choose to pay more for a leather handbag because it carries the name “Louis Vuitton” or she may choose to purchase a specific line of hair care products because she’s “worth it”.  Branding can help to distinguish products from their competitors while also creating the idea of consumer confidence. This is also a good way to increase profits as often times consumers are often willing to pay more for a name they know, recognize, and equate with high value or status. Diamonds are [...]

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The Diamond Pipeline: A breakdown of the world travels of diamonds, and who pays the bill

The fine jewelry industry seems to be perpetually filled with notorious mark-ups and yet what appear to be constant blow out sales. Diamonds fall directly into this mysterious game of price shopping, and sale hunting. How is it that a jewelry sales person seems to always be able to pull out a calculator and knock down the already 60% off price of a diamond engagement ring another few notches? Who is getting the good deal: are diamonds truly as expensive as they appear? At the retail end of the diamond spectrum, diamonds truly are as expensive as they appear, but [...]

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Diamonds Are Forever, But is their Value?

Diamonds; they are the quintessential representation of value, wealth, luxury, strength, sparkle, and beauty. According to De Beers Consolidated Mines Company of South Africa, “A Diamond is Forever”(De Beers, 2011). Diamonds are Forever: These four words seem to have capsulated the retail diamond industry and are responsible for planting a misconceived idea of a diamond’s value. Diamonds are one of the hardest natural materials found on earth, which makes them unique in their own right. Not to mention a rough diamond can be cut, faceted, and polished to give extraordinary light reflection that is difficult to match. Diamonds do in [...]

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Taking a Step Back – diamond buying companies

In our previous blog posts, I have written mostly about the process and mechanics behind the diamond industry. Truths about the actual value of diamonds, as well as how they reach their price tag value by the time they reach a woman’s finger. While our website sheds light onto our massive crush on diamonds and personal interaction with clients, I thought I would take the time to explain why we are different than other diamond buying companies. Let’s spell it out.; I often use a car analogy when speaking of diamonds because it is often the easiest for most people [...]

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