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While other companies offer you one price for selling your diamonds, MJ Gabel dares to be different. We believe in the importance of having options, and the details of selling your unwanted or unused diamond jewelry.

What makes MJ Gabel unique is our ability to look at all fine jewelry & diamonds with a very detailed eye. Rather than only look at the primary diamond in your jewelry, we look at every item as a finished piece of jewelry whenever possible. This allows us to provide clients with tailored options on how they would like to sell their fine jewelry or diamonds. We work with all types fine jewelry, and diamonds, and will work with you to ensure a gratifying experience. We are passionate about what we do, and the service we provide to you.

Learning what we can offer you starts with one simple step: having a conversation with on of our diamond specialists. At the most all you will lose is a few minutes of your time, and what you could gain may be immeasurable.

Sellers Tip

Don’t send any piece of diamond jewelry out without paperwork from the company you are working with.

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